Amanda Jonsson is an Euthanatos mage, whose previous incarnation was a Nephandi named Mercedes Gonzaga de Ortiz.


Almost a century before Amanda's birth, the archmage Senex killed his mad apprentice Mercedes, and magically altered her avatar in the process, so she would not be reborn as widderslainte. Many years later, Senex would come back to take in the American assassin named Amanda Jonsson as his personal apprentice. She quickly learned the Art like she had been born into it – and she also favored knives like Mercedes did.

When Amanda was accused of being a widderslainte by a senior Hermetic, she was sent away on a secret mission. She is a skilled Euthanatos Adept who uses a variety of subtle tools, but usually focuses on her knives – which do double duty as assassin's weapons and a medium for her Art. Because of her skill at altering her appearance, the only distinguished features of Amanda are her twin blades.


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