Alyson Dameon is a musician and singer in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Overview Edit

Alyson Dameon

Alyson was born to a normal upper-class family in Cambridge. She and her parents both understood that she would pursue a music career and she eventually went to Julliard. She excelled at piano but voice was her real gift.

It was at a recital that Michael Delshire first recognized her talent. He was captivated by her voice and made it a point of getting acquainted with her after the performance. Alyson was flattered that such a dashing young man would be interested in her and soon grew to return the affection. Their relationship quickly became more than friendship and she is now quite devoted to him.

She was confused when Michael drew away from her several years ago but she didn't question when he came back a few months later and their relationship is steady... at the moment. She dotes on his best friend, John McKroan, and enjoys the company of both. They are both very supportive of her singing career, though Michael has warned her about the disadvantages of fame.

Personal Edit

Alyson always smiles with quiet grace. The world around her concerns her greatly. She is deeply in love with Michael and hopes he will ask her to marry him someday but is content to wait. She would do anything to help him or his friends.

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Alyson is a slender woman with shoulder-length auburn hair that delicately frames her face. Her appearance is more innocent than most and her green eyes look on the world with kindness and concern.

References Edit

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