The Alucinor are a Mekhet bloodline with the ability to see into others' dreams. Their signature discipline, Insomnium, allows them to observe, at higher levels, manipulate someone's dreams. This gives them a reputation as prophets and seers among the Kindred, but the power is a double-edged sword: for many Alucinor, dreams begin to blur into reality, and they are prone to memory problems and hallucinations. A number of Alucinor have gone to the Final Death by sleepwalking during the day.

The bloodline is believed to have begun circa 450 CE, when an unnamed vampire diablerized her sire. The resulting psychological trauma (and perhaps the remnants of the elder vampire's mind warring with her) made her uniquely attuned to the emotions of others. The modern bloodline has no internal structure or initiation rituals: those who find themselves similarly drawn to the abstract, the figurative and the symbolic may simply declare their intention to learn Insomnium. They are also rarely drawn to any particular covenant, though the Ordo Dracul often shares their interest in the nature of Kindred psychology.

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