These are the special combined Arcanoi of the Ferrymen, taught only to those who've undergone the Ritual of Severance.

The Bridge of Thoughts (Lifeweb 3, Fatalism 3): Communication between Ferrymen at any distance for a scene, can also be used to detect Spectres.

Guardian's Filament (Fatalism 3, Lifeweb 3): Mark someone to be able to sense if they are in danger and scry on them.

Long Leap (Argos 5, Fatalism 3): Teleport bringing you and gear (incl. boat) but no passengers.

Serendipitous Passage (Argos 3, Fatalism 4): State a goal and fate will give you the best opportunity to pursue it.

Spirit Triage (Usury 2, Castigate 3): Make it easier for a wraith to resist their next Catharsis.

Beckon Tools (Argos 5, Lifeweb 5): Mark an object to subsequently summon it to you, from a few miles up to anywhere in the Underworld.

Burning Aegis (Castigate 4, Pandemonium 3): Manifest a display of Wyldfire around yourself that inflicts major damage on Spectres and shields against forces of pure Oblivion.

The Shear of Fate (Fatalism 5, Usury 3): Doom a target to inevitable destruction through catastrophic bad luck.

Concussive Shout (Keening 4, Outrage 3): Vocalize an emotion with such strength that it inflicts aggravated damage on everyone in range.

See With Blind Eyes (Lifeweb 3, Puppetry 5): Control the Mourners for a scene, at the risk of becoming a Mourner yourself.

Messenger of Light (Fatalism 3, Pandemonium 4): Send a message to a recipient; for use when concerned about eavesdropping on the Bridge of Thoughts.

The XP cost of learning an alloyed art is the same as the cost of learning an alternate art of the higher level required, plus one.

Wraith: The Oblivion Arcanoi

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