Not to be confused with Father Montoya

Allonzo Montoya is a Garou Abomination. In his life, he was a Shadow Lord.


Born as one of the chosen warriors of Gaia, Montoya spent his entire life in war. In time, he became disillusioned with the struggle against the Wyrm, possibly succumbing to Harano. His Kin were destroyed by a group of Banes that attacked a caern, and his pack was destroyed by the machinations of a Maeljin. Montoya was unconscious and dragged to the lair of a Malkavian, who enjoyed the irony of the Garou's situation. He Embraced him, only to be killed by his childe when the Abomination awakened.

Now, Montoya wanders the nights alone. Neither Garou nor Kindred would accept him amidst their ranks, and he has begun to court the idea of serving the Wyrm instead. Nuntisiwas the Dreamreaver sees him as a rival.



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