The Allied are the combined pantheons of the spirits of British, French, and Russian folklore who play a role in Scion. Decimated by the Axis-based pantheons in their native homelands during World War II, they opted to unify to fight a common enemy.

As a combined entity, they have no Overworld to call their own.

British Pantheon

  • Britanna: Scion of Athena and sister to Columbia and Marianne. She embraces law and the power of the seas.
  • John Bull: The British everyman, who inspires ordinary people to extraordinary measures.
  • Robin Hood: The legendary archer and thief who works to help the oppressed.

French Pantheon

  • D’Artagnan: Former Scion who now leads battles against the enemy.
  • Madame Guillotine: She seeks out and destroys the traitors among her own people.
  • Marianne: Scion of Athena and sister to Britannia and Columbia. She seeks to strengthen the ordinary people.

Soviet Pantheon

  • Baba Yaga: Hag of Russia, who uses curses to slow invaders and protect her homeland.
  • The Citizen: A collective of the ordinary Soviet citizen who seeks to protect the ways of Communism.
  • Rodina Mat: She hopes for a glorious new life for her people ... once the war is over with.


Scion Pantheons

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