Alien Hunger is a jump-start story, meant to introduce new players to Vampire: The Masquerade.

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From the White Wolf catalog:

A Taste for Death
Ripped from your comfortable mortality, thrown into a pit of blood and death, you strive with every ounce of your being to hold onto the last bits of your humanity, all the while feeling the inexorable pull of the beast within.
A mile high where the air is thin, an ancient genius has been snuffed out by an even older evil. Now you are alone, your old world stolen from you and your new one most horrible to behold. And ruling all is your dread thirst.
An Alien Hunger is a jumpstart kit for Vampire, designed to allow you to start playing the game within five minutes of reading the rules. It includes:
  • Five pre-generated characters, complete with detailed backgrounds and personalities;
  • Source material for the Gothic-Punk city of Denver;
  • A complete adventure to guide both the Storyteller and Players through the transformation from human to Vampire, in which they learn the true meaning of fear.




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