Silver and gold. From time immemorial, wars have been fought and populations decimated over their pursuit. From the days of Spanish Conquistadors to modern mining operations, the Alicanto have fought against those that plunder the earth for her riches.


Born from dreams of greed and gluttony, they can be a sign of luck or peril for those who manage to glimpse them. Legends say they are the reason for the city of El Dorado’s demise, although the exact details are lost to time. Historians have found stories indicating that they may have descended on the city like a swarm of locusts and devoured it in the span of a night. Today, mines finally striking it big will find their rich veins depleted overnight thanks to the alicanto’s voracious appetites. Those that do not shutter within the first few weeks of production are plagued by accidents and people going missing. For those who wish to strip the earth of its resources, they represent a great danger, often causing death and destruction to those who take more than their share. If approached with respect and flattery, however, alicanto prove powerful allies. Able to sniff out most minerals and metals, they can even track stolen treasure over vast distances, stopping for nothing until they reclaim their prize. If alicanto can be convinced to share what they find in a fresh vein, they can be quite generous.

Outside of their jungle home, they make exceptional thieves (although woe to the person caught stealing from them) or treasure hunters, although their motives are survival-based rather than motivated by greed; metal is their primary food group and they need it, particularly precious metals, to survive. Easily bribed, they are connoisseurs of life’s finer things, even the ones they cannot eat, and enjoy surrounding themselves with beautiful objects. They have a natural affinity for art and those who create it; they themselves can produce stunning works. Besides treasure, the weakness of every alicanto is riddles – they are powerless to resist a well-crafted puzzle. Puzzle boxes, ciphers, cryptograms: they will spend years crafting the perfect device.

Appearance & LifestyleEdit

Slender and tall, their facial features tend to be sharp and angular, bird-like in nature. Their coloration can differ wildly, depending on what type of metal the alicanto in question prefers, although metallic threads typically shoot through their hair. Their most notable feature is their eyes: always of a color that could almost be human, if not for a distinct gem-like or metallic sheen. Beautiful tattoos frequently cover their skin, from traditional line work to elaborate modern designs. Chimerically, they appear as bipedal, bird-like humanoids forged from precious metals, gleaming feathers sprouting from flightless wings and fire-filled eyes that spark in the nighttime. The wings are used for displays, especially among their fellow kithmates. Showcasing their talents at metallurgy, their metallic plumage features a rainbow of precious gemstones.

Alicanto find Revelry in shopping for fine things, or in showing off their fine fashions and prized possessions to others. They can also find great satisfaction in tending to precious things, such as polishing fine jewelry or carefully organizing their couture wardrobes. When the alicanto Unleash their magic, exotic bird calls fill the air, combined with the scent of earth from mines deep underground. Nearby metals shine as though brightly polished, while gems become a dazzling display.

Birthrights & FrailitiesEdit


  • Realm Affinity: Prop.
  • All That Glitters: All alicanto gain a dot of Perception, even if this takes them above 5. In addition, alicanto can track precious gems, valuable metals, and even magical items by scent with a Perception + Kenning roll. The difficulty of such rolls should be based on the quantity of material and how old the trail is. Alicanto cannot botch Kenning rolls.
  • Wonder Workers: Alicanto enjoy working with their hands and have a special knack for creating items of power. Thus, they are able to forge Treasures and Wonders with relative ease. They receive -2 on the difficulty of all rolls related to crafting magical items, and doing so takes half the time and only two-thirds of the materials it normally would. Alicanto cannot botch Crafts rolls.


  • Draconic Fever: Alicanto make deplorable houseguests, spiriting away shiny odds and ends if they feel they deserve them more than the current owner. Alicanto must succeed at a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) to refuse a better offer of payment, or to resist buying or simply taking a precious item they feel should be theirs. In addition, alicanto require a meal of metal at least once per week; the more valuable the metal, the less they need to eat. Failure to do so renders them unable to regain Willpower.


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