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Alfred Benezri is one of the leading heads of the Sabbat Inquisition, the current Archbishop of Montréal, and Ductus of the Shepherds of Caine.


Originally from Syria, Benezri fled his homeland after his sire was destroyed by other Kindred before she could reveal to him his Clan. As one of the Clanless, he managed to reach Montréal, where the Sabbat accepted him. Proving himself a poet and political pragmatist, Benezri was vital for the construction of the modern Sabbat Inquisition, in particular for the system of rotating leadership.

Originally a supporter of Sangris, Benezri became worried by the arrival of Ezekiel after Sangris' trial, fearing that he would turn Montréal into another Black Hand dominated city. He began to work in effort to achieve the rank of Archbishop, pushing the Sabbat against the Camarilla while preaching of his Path of Enlightenment, the Path of Redemption. Alfred seeks to understand God through the melody of his words. He tortures mortals to record their dying utterances.

Benezri was eventually made Archbishop, particularly through his management of the various packs that traveled through the city and his blackmail of Carolina Valez, the former archbishop. Velez had found herself on trial by the Inquisition and Benezri defended her. After a formal Monomacy, Benezri was able to assume the title.

When a fragment of the Book of Nod appeared in Montréal that told of the End Times, Benezri was forced by Knight-Inquisitor Mercy to challenge a Sabbat pack named the Librarians, whose member Christanius had stolen the fragment. Uncomfortable with this, as he was secretly in love with the pack leader, he was reluctant to work against them. This reluctance led to a series of trials from within his own organization and, after the issue was solved, left his power structure severely weakened.

On special occasions Alfred has allowed non-Sabbat vampires entry into Montréal, something unpopular with younger Sabbat.


Alfred is a tall man with dark skin. His eyes are a piercing blue. He wears clothes from the Middle East, typically robes made of silk. Alfred mostly feeds from members of the Arab and Iranian community in Montréal.

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