Alexus Simocatta was a Tzimisce agent of the Dracon who acted mainly in Jerusalem. He was assassinated in 1481 CE.


Alexus Simocatta was a scholar in Constantinople who also acted as an illustrator and architect. Although his position weakened during the Iconoclast controversy, he was an influential artist and worked on a myriad of projects. During one of the works he supervised, a collapsed scaffolding led to a long fall onto a stone floor, which nearly resulted in his death.

But Simocatta was saved through the blood of the Keeper of the Faith, who believed him to be too useful to die. Though he worked in the Library of the Forgotten, he never felt quite at home in the underground crypts. As a result, he was retained to act as an agent of both his sire and the Dracon. He was sent into the Holy Land following the upheaval of the crusades in order to alert his sire of recent developments, cultivating a network of spies and informants that stretched over the whole Middle East.

This assignment saved him from the massacres of the Fourth Crusade and the sacking of Constantinople. He continued to correspond with his sire for a long time, until he was assassinated by an unknown Assamite in 1481.

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