Alexander Moro is a Parsi Euthanatoi. A descendant of Cygnus Moro, a member of the First Cabal, Alexander puts effort into distancing himself from the legacy of his ancestor. Jovial, eclectic, and a font of occult knowledge, he is a member of the Golden Chalice.

Following the Conflagration, Moro was responsible for translating the Ixos Folio which helped lure the quislings of House Janissary into the open, leading to the near-extinction of the House. For his contribution he was made an Albireo of the Vrati.

Moro is now responsible for easing the acceptance of the Euthanatoi as the Council's new police following the end of Janissaries.


Moro has wild, curly black hair, golden skin, and a bit of paunch. He is in his early 30s, and prefers loose, bright clothing.


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