Alexander is a Seelie Satyr Wilder trapped in the Midnight Circus.

Overview Edit


Known as the Horned Man and trapped in the Museum of Oddities of the Midnight Circus, Alexander has escaped from the circus twice. He was born in the mountains of Greece and believes that he was born to the descendants of the great god Pan. He knows little about his kind or his faerie soul as he grew up in the circus. When on the circus grounds, his fae mien is visible to all onlookers.

Special Abilities Edit

Alexander is an accomplished flutist and can also produce a wild scream (The Cry of Pan) which sends fear into his foes. The Cry of Pan is similar to the Fianna Gift Howl of the Banshee. All who hear the scream must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) or flee join terror for one turn per success Alexander scores. This action costs one Willpower point.

Treasures Edit

The Pipes of Pan are a treasure which affect the mood of those who listen to them. The pipes' music may make people happy, lustful, or melancholy. To activate the treasure, Alexander must spend a point of Glamour and make a Manipulation + Performance roll against the listeners' Willpower. If successful, the listener takes on an appropriate emotional state and will behave accordingly. Each success Alexander wins over the listener's Willpower roll makes the mood last for one hour. Non-fae must be enchanted before they can be affected. The character may make a Willpower roll once an hour (difficulty 8, two successes needed) to throw off these effects. Repeat performances may enslave a character to Alexander's will permanently.

References Edit

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