Alex Cassel is the "Prexy" of the electrokinetics in Trinity and the CEO of Orgotek.

Cassel, born into wealth, laid the foundations of Orgotek while he was in college. He founded a holding company, World Enterprises, Inc., and filled the board with his friends (including then-girlfriend Ellayne Chen, who he later married). After his triggering, Cassel turned his attention to the biotech industry, and grew Orgotek into one of the most profitable corporations in the Federated States of America.

Cassel dreams of a human race prospering in every sense of the word: free of aberrants and other menaces, expanding through the universe, living long, full, satisfying lives. Cassel wants to abolish tyranny and poverty and everything else that keeps people from fulfilling their dreams. And he’s willing to do almost anything to make all this happen.

Alex Cassel’s moral code revolves around these plans for humanity. He condones subterfuge, theft and even killing, but he is nonetheless an idealist. The Prexy wants to build a peaceful, prosperous future; he doesn’t sit in a board room and declare hits like a mob boss. He has heroic and humanitarian goals, but his actions can pose moral quandaries for his allies and followers.

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