Alessandro de Garcia was a medieval follower and evangelist of the Road of the Beast

Born in Madrid, Alessandro was always fond of a good brawl and eventually ended up as a mercenary, always on the search for a good fight. When he grew older, he focused his interests away from the actual battle and instead specialized on administration of his mercenary company, seeking out the most profitable side in a conflict. After a while in the job, he became aware of a pattern in war and consulted various scholars. It seems that he came dangerously close to the truth, as Alessandro received a visit from a dwarf who told him about the armies of the infidels and their undead masters. The dwarf stripped him of his life and brought him into the Brujah Clan, making him one of his soldiers in the nightly struggles of the Shadow Reconquista.

Alessandro grew quickly sour with the fanaticsm that was at work in the battles and instead dedicated himself to the question of violence. As he found out that justifications for it seemed to lie in the nature of existence, he turned to the Road of the Beast, striving to master his desire of battle, deserting Iberia for wandering across the world, preaching his Road and its tenets.

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