Aleksei of the 13 Toes is a Sluagh Wilder.

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Aleksei 13 Toes

For centuries, the sluagh's very existence was bound up in the notion of fear. Those who could extract the deepest frights and most lasting terrors, particularly in the service of... convincing... recalcitrants to reform their behavior, won tremendous acclaim (or at least murmured approval) at High Teas far and wide.

Among the greatest terrorizers was Aleksei of the 13 Toes, who lived in legendary times, and was supposedly wound up in the events that led to the sluagh loosing their voices. While the original Aleksei is long gone, every generation spawns a new terrorizer, a new mastermind of fear so like unto his famous forebears that he is instantly given the name of Aleksei. Both a blessing and a curse, the famous name reinvents the young sluagh's identity; in a sense he becomes Aleksei, even as he just takes the name to cover his own exploits. None can deny, however, that once the name is bestowed, the crawler in question suddenly knows things he should not, at least not at his tender age. There are those who whisper that the master of shivers has become Síocháin.

The current Aleksei lives in Boston, where in his mortal seeming he attends MIT. He is tall and unusually slender, even for a sluagh, and can be found (in fae mien) wearing formal black clothing of a Victorian cut, complete with top hat and cane. Once a month he holds a formal court of fear for the underfolk of Boston and environs in the darkness of an abandoned chemistry lab at MIT, dispensing rewards and punishments for frights achieved and blunders made.

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