The Alder Bole is the world tree at the center of the Tellurian in the cosmology of the Verbena. It is another term for Midrealm and perhaps the Pattern Web.


According the Verbenae, the Alder Bole grew from the first reaction between the Wyld and the Void. As the first Pattern, it grew, eventually having branches and roots that covered the entirety of the Void, giving the rise to the first Realms and eventually to reality itself. Because of this, some equate the realm with the Weaver. Others instead believe it to be another manifestation of Mount Qaf.

In the cosmology of the Verbenae, the Gaian Realm is the "trunk" of the Alder Bole. Its roots reach below into the Dark Umbra, while its twigs and branches constitute the various realms of the Middle Umbra and its upper branches form the realms of the High Umbra. Its fruits are said to be potent sources of tass, although it is difficult to take them from the realm. By traveling along its branches, it is theorized that any space in any realm can be reached, although this is a task only a few have ever managed.

In the crown of the Alder Bole lives the Protean Hawk, the manifestation of Dynamism. On its roots gnaws Typhon, the manifestation of Entropy, that will eventually fell the tree and cause reality to collapse. At its base lies a simple wooden hall, where the three Sisters, named Fate, Being and Necessity, hold court and allow forces from all parts of the Tellurian to meet at a neutral place. The titan Forethought hangs from a bough in a copse of oaks and pine trees, his blood nourishing the soil beneath his body.


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