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Alchias was a Malkavian prince of Syracuse in ancient times.


The Malkavian Alchias ruled the strategically important city of Syracuse in ancient times. So important was his city, that it hosted the Toreador Antediluvian Arikel and the Ventrue methuselah known as Artemis Orthia.

In 265 BCE, when the Carthaginians attacked, a Brujah envoy descendant of Dominic visited the Prince and demanded that he should bow to Carthaginian sovereignty. Alchias flew into a rage and decapitated the messenger. After advising with both Arikel and Artemis, Alchias pleaded with general Lysander to go among his Roman allies to marshal soldiers, helping to initiate the First Punic War.

In the following battles and other wars to come, Alchias personally took to the battlefield to protect his city, and through his diplomatic efforts brought many other clans into the fold. During the final siege that destroyed Carthage, however, Alchias was hurt so badly that he succumbed into a torpor from which he hasn't awakened ever since.