Albertus Magnus, born Albert of Bollstädt, is a Brujah elder and religious scholar renowned for his wisdom. It is said he was once a student of Aristotle de Laurent and that he still maintains great ties to the church. Rumor has it that, from his haven in Cologne, Germany, he advises the Camarilla's Inner Circle on all matters related to Noddism.


Born in Lauingen under the name Albert of Bollstädt, he entered Dominican service and later studied Theology in Padua. He continued to learn and traveled to various universities across medieval Europe, when he met Aristotle de Laurent, the famous Noddist. De Laurent's plans for the German prodigy were spoiled, however, when Albertus was called to Cologne in 1228 to serve as the Dominicans' master lecturer.

Albertus became a famous teacher and mentor to many influential theologians and this earned him the Embrace from the Brujah Clan during a trip to Sorbonne. Albertus "lived on" for more than 30 years, though, before faking his own death after his old confidant de Laurent had persuaded him during a journey to Paris that the contrast between his unbroken vitality and his seeming old age would inevitably lead to a conflict with witch-hunters. As one of only a few Brujah with influence in the church (Albertus was Bishop of Regensburg), he proved an unrelenting rival to Fabrizio Ulfila, a Ventrue whom he sees as guilty for the atrocities of the Spanish Inquisition.

In the Final Nights, rumors abound about Albertus, whose haven still lies in the domain of Cologne. He is said to act as an advisor to the Camarilla's Inner Circle, to be a confidant of the Founders, and one of the few Kindred whose faith in God remains unshaken even after the Embrace.

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For the historical figure, see Albertus Magnus.


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