Alaric Selkirk is Seelie Selkie Wilder who surfs the coast near Santa Cruz in the Kingdom of Pacifica.

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Alaric Selkirk

Ric Selkirk only recently came into his fae nature. After the death of his great-uncle Laughlin, his changeling inheritance, and his sealskin, came to him in the form of a sealskin Edwardian greatcoat, the Glamour of which he immediately transferred to a wetsuit. He's had some tutoring in the ways of the fae from Kate, an Irish Selkie, but she's a riddle and has only told him enough of the politics of the land bound Kithain and the mysterious Mer-courts to intrigue him, not to give him any true knowledge. Like all selkies, Alaric is caught at Land's Edge, between the Overwater and the Undersea, but since he's also a surfer, that's where he's happiest.

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In his mortal seeming, Ric is a "gremmie," a young surfer: fourteen, 5'5", stocky, with saltwater blond hair, large brown eyes, and oversized hands and feet (which are slightly webbed, as are those of all selkies). He fae mien is very much the same, except his hair drips with chimerical seawater and his wetsuit becomes a sealskin. He may also take the form of a harbor seal, both in mortal and fae seeming.

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Alaric is extremely bewildered by all that's happened to him. Discovering that his natural talent in the water was actually a supernatural gift proved to be a real shock and he almost wishes that his brother, Marcus, had gotten the legacy instead... but not quite. He loves the ocean too much to ever give it up. Though he's uncomfortable a clumsy on land, he shines in the water. He's always wanted to be the best, but now that he is, it's kind of scary to know that he's only going to get better. But if being the best surfer on the beach means standing as an inspiration to all the other guys, he'll drink it right up... with shy modesty.

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