Al Ussa was a Malkavian methuselah who dwelled in Mecca before the advent of Islam.


Al Ussa kept a blood cult in ancient Mecca, where she was revered by the Arabian tribes as one of Allah’s daughters in the manner of her clan's ancient tradition to pose as local gods. She kept ties with the Followers of Set and Baali, allowing them to collect their due in her city if they paid tribute to her. When the Prophet Mohammad managed to spread the word of Islam and usurp her control over Mecca, she lashed out at him.

Though he once was forced to flee the city, he returned a conqueror after three decisive battles between Mecca and Medina. When Mohammad took the city in 629 CE and destroyed all idols, the Keening erupted, driving Al Ussa into the desert and into torpor. It is said that she still lies somewhere buried beneath the sand near Mecca, forever screaming in her torpid sleep as the Keening howls within her mind.

Tonight, she is mainly used as an example for Ashirra neonates of how vampires used to behave during the Jahiliyyah, although rumors persist that some of her Malkavian clanmates have dedicated secret cults in her name.


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