Al-Hakim, also known as The Lizard, was a Malkavian who believed himself to be Allah.


Born as the son of the Caliph of Cairo and a Christian, Al-Hakim's life was always torn between his two different lineages. When he eventually succeeded his father, he was not a very successful Caliph, but managed to attract the attention of the Malkavian Hassan abu Khalid, who disliked the influence of the various religious minorities within Egypt, and made the caliph his ghoul.

Under the orders of his domitor, Al-Hakim ordered churches and synagogues to be destroyed and even began to destroy mosques when his subjects began to protest against this. Under the maddening influence of his domitors vitae, he began to believe that he himself was Allah and all Muslims should direct their prayers to him. In the following riots, he was Embraced by his domitor, who quickly came to regret this decision as he was diablerized by his frenzied childe minutes later.

Leaving Cairo behind with his ghouled retinue, he ventured off to Jerusalem, where he would proclaim his godhood to the world. He was, however, forced to keep a low cover, as the Lasombra and Ventrue presence within the city was a dangerous prospect even to him. He continued to sow dissent against other religions, persecuting Jews, Muslims and Christians alike in his mad attempt to prove his own divinity (with aid from various Setites, who tried to use the madmen for their own schemes).

He met his end when he was so convinced of his divine status that he thought he could challenge the ancient bane of Caine's get and face the sun directly. To no one's surprise except his own, he failed.


For the real character, see Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah.

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