Name: Akunanse
Plural: Akunanse
Pronunciation: ah-koo-nahn'-say
Nicknames: Weavers
Disciplines: Abombwe, Animalism, Fortitude
Parent Clan: Gangrel

The Akunanse are one of the legacies of Laibon. They take their name and nature from the myths of the "wise spider" of many African folk-tales. They are known for their great knowledge, wise counsel, and non-political natures. Of all of the Laibon, they are the ones least concerned with the Jyhad, and the least organized overall. The Akunanse probably originated in the Ghana region, but are now widespread throughout the whole of Africa, and are known to frequently travel anywhere in pursuit of the knowledge they need. They will Embrace most any who follow the pursuit of knowledge, including non-Africans who want to understand more about the ways of the "cradle of humanity".

They have many features in common with Clan Gangrel, especially their weakness; like the Gangrel, the Akunanse gain animalistic features the longer they live. Unlike the Gangrel, however, the Akunanse gain theirs through experience; if they reside in an area for a long period and gain great knowledge there over time, they will eventually pick up a feature of an animal that resides in that area.

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The original outline confirms that the Akunanse are intended to be a Gangrel bloodline.

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