The Akritai are an order of Orthodox Christian hunters, largely active in Eastern Europe.


Their name comes from the Greek word for border, and originally referred to a special border guard of the Byzantine Empire, charged with protecting the people from various infidels. In modern nights, the Akritai are composed mostly of Orthodox priests and nuns who feel called to fight vampires, shape-shifters, and other monsters. They lead an ascetic existence, and while they are not unfriendly towards other hunter organizations, they also don't collaborate or collude with them.[1]

The Akritai are organized on a regional basis with little concrete hierarchy. The majority operate in Eastern Europe, although a few small chapter houses exist in America.[1] In Egypt, they maintain a chapter house in St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, and regularly (if reluctantly) come to the aid of the Society of Leopold's Cairo cenaculum.[2]

V20 Timeline

In 2011, nearly the entire order assembled in the Czech Republic to take on the Malkavian methuselah Tryphosa when she emerged from torpor. They eventually destroyed her, but took heavy losses, and have started to recruit laypeople to restore their number. From Tryphosa's haven they took a copy of the Book of Nod and a volume of her prophesies, The Apostate Auguries. Both texts are currently being analyzed.[1]


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