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The Akashic Brotherhood Tradition Book is the first edition sourcebook for the Akashic Brotherhood in Mage: The Ascension.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Harmony is the Way of Being
Mages of the Brotherhood know that serenity and violence are aspects of all creation. Through physical, mental, and spiritual perfection, this fellowship hopes to bring Ascension to all humanity.
Imperfect realities, however, require drastic solutions...
But if you see the cyborg on the road, kill him! The Akashic Brotherhood Tradition Book examines the history, culture and beliefs of this most wise and ancient Tradition. It includes:


Prelude: The Cycle of Avatars

Introduction: A Master Informs

Chapter One: Above the Surface


Chapter Two: The Living Tome

History and Inner Relations.

Chapter Three: The Blossom and the Thorn

The Council of Nine and Our Own Search for Balance.

Chapter Four: From the Record


Appendix: Scrolls of the Brotherhood


Background Information

This book was reprinted as part of Traditions Gathered III: Swords of Faith.

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