Aine, also known as Black Annis, is a Nosferatu native to England who believed herself to be an avatar of The Morrígan. She is a monstrous Cainite who has lost touch with her Humanity, thus becoming a Wight.


Aine has long since forgotten about her mortal life, but she remembers that she was a priestess in the service of the Three Mothers. When the Romans invaded Britain, they burned her glade down and she and her tribe fled into the woods, where she met a Nosferatu who offered her strength to fight back. Aine believed the hideous creature to be a demon and thought that he was sent as a punishment from the gods for letting the Romans destroy their glade and so she accepted his Kiss and the Embrace.

When she awoke, her sire was gone and she believed to have died and to be in the afterlife, an illusion that was shattered when her sire returned and told her that she was now like him. She entered torpor and emerged later, finding her sire wounded by the Roman legions. He begged for her help, but she drank his blood and left him dead, believing that her nature now was not to help others, but only to do evil.

At first, Aine believed she was being punished for allowing the Romans to destroy the glade. Later, she saw her reflection in the water and realized she was not as ugly as her sire, but rather looked like the old descriptions of the Great Queen, the Morrígan. She eventually came to realize that she was, in fact, reincarnated as an avatar of Macha, the destroyer, being one with the goddess and existing to slay for her. Since then, she has entered a cycle of torpor and awakens during the winter and autumn and begins to hunt in a seemingly random pattern to destroy those who have wronged the Goddesses.

Appearance and personality

Aine is almost six feet tall with pale blue skin and ragged hair that is as tattered as her clothing. She is a rangy, raw-boned female with an incredibly ugly face, even for a Nosferatu. Her features are twisted in a permanent mask of violent hatred. She has no haven as she is always roaming.

Although she has undoubtedly lost her mind, Aine has developed powerful cunning in order to survive. She makes it a point only to be seen by her intended victim and uses her considerable stealth abilities and other supernatural characteristics to ensure she is not discovered. Once she appears, though, she becomes a Frenzied killing machine, tearing her victims apart with her bare hands. Her killings has not gone unnoticed and several Cainites have gone north to track her down. None have returned.


For the figure of English see Black Annis.

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