Ailil is a legendary fae and founder of House Ailil.

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Lord Ailil

Long before the Sundering, in an age remembered only in old sagas and preserved only in the ruins of ancient burial mounds and stone forts, Ailil ruled in Hibernia as a king of both mortals and fae. Dark and brooding, powerfully attractive, and possessed of a keen intelligence, Ailil possessed a fierce passion for both love and war. Skilled in battle as well as diplomacy, he seemed destined to forge a lasting kingdom of the fae. Despite his promise, he possessed a flaw that would prove the undoing of all of his ambitions... an inability to remain aloof from the world of mortals. Some believe that Ailil sought mortal glory and power to distract himself from the ominous warnings of his beloved sister, Eiluned. Time and again he donned mortal flesh and entered the stream of human history, taking lovers and leading armies with his irresistible charm and guile.

Though his own temperament favored the Seelie Court, Ailil gathered to himself a host of Unseelie fae who swore allegiance to him as Winter King and sought to keep alive the balance of the seasons.

The belief that Ailil may have survived the Shattering as one of the Lost Ones has grown into one of House Ailil's most persistent myths. Rumors abound that, from his hiding place within his Dream-shrouded lair, he has continued to exert his will, through dreams and visions, upon the world, and particularly upon members of his house. In any case, the spirit of Ailil... brash, brilliant, and cunning... permeates his house, living on in those who wear the badge of the Silver Dragon.

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