Ahzra from Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption.


Final Death:




Ahzra, the Unliving, was a vampire of clan Tzimisce during the time of the First Crusade. She had long red hair and was heavily modified by Vicissitude, with large fangs and bony ridges on her forehead. She also wore a cloak made out of living flesh, which moved on its own.


Ahzra was one of several Tzimisce vampires who worked to prepare for the reawakening of the Methuselah of Vysehrad, a famed defiler of holiness and purity, and plotted the eventual domination of the Earth by the Tzimisce. To this end she invaded the Bonn Silver Mines east of Prague with her army of szlachta, forcing out all of the miners and creating a haven for herself in the mines' lower levels in a mockery of a Christian cathedral. She sent her szlachta on nightly raids against Prague, sowing terror among the populace. In 1141 A.D., a wounded Crusader named Christof Romuald descended into the Silver Mines and slew Ahzra, gaining him instant notoriety among all of Prague's citizens, mortal and Kindred alike.[1]


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