Ahranite Sorcery is a little-known discipline, named after Ahran, the progenitor of the Akhud clan. It is only available to members of VII, and only in chronicles in which the Princes of the Fallen City interpretation of VII is considered canon; if the chronicle features the Betrayed or the Sleepers (or some other interpretation of the VII), Ahranite Sorcery most likely does not exist.

The Akhud may take Ahranite Sorcery at character creation as an out-of-bloodline discipline, though members of other clans may take it, provided that they are a member of VII, and have undergone the Initiation ritual.

Ahranite Sorcery is a ritual discipline, meaning that it is learned like Crúac or Theban Sorcery, with more than one ritual per dot; the levels may be purchased at 7x New Dots experience, like other covenant disciplines, but new rituals have a cost of 2x New Dots.

This discipline is detailed in VTR: VII (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, in part one of its three parts.

Discipline RitualsEdit

• One-Dot Rituals Edit

  • Initiation - Causes Shaddad to enter a Kindred's soul, pledging them to VII and allowing them to use it as their covenant.
  • Seek the Wise Blood - Turns the user's Vitae into a tracking system, allowing them to know where it goes once it has left her body.

•• Two-Dot Rituals Edit

  • Draugr Curse - Causes a vampire to enter an immediate frenzy whenever they next feel the Predator's Taint.
  • Thirsting Dagger - A weapon becomes imbued to feed Shaddad, allowing it to drain Vitae or deal extra lethal damage.

••• Three-Dot Rituals Edit

  • Restored Image - Permanently brings back a Kindred's reflection, though it will slowly disappear from recorded media.
  • Visage of the Nameless - Replaces an Ahranite's face with the gruesome visage of Shaddad

•••• Four-Dot Rituals Edit

  • Sinner's Skin - Skins a person alive, allowing that skin to be used as a disguise for an Ahranite.

••••• Five-Dot Rituals Edit

  • The Mantle of the Demon - Gives a cloak the ability to wound those who attempt to use sorcery against the wearer.
  • Shaddad's Vengeance - Whenever the caster is destroyed, the person who killed her will be burned by unholy flames.

Reference Edit

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