Ahab, the Traitor, is a possibly apocryphal Salubri warrior who defected to the Baali.


In the oldest tales he has no name, and is simply called "the Traitor", but was presented with the name "Ahab" during the Dark Ages. Others claim that the traitor's name was wiped from the clan's history, and he was given the name "Ahab" to mark his treachery in the wake of the Baali Wars – so it is not clear if he is a Judas figure or an actual vampire.

It is said that Ahab survived the Baali Wars by betraying his battle-brothers to the devil worshipers in the dark caverns. According to Salubri lore, he continued dealing with infernalism, and some even imply that Saulot's diablerie was only possible through Ahab's intervention.

There are few crimes who have not been assigned to this character. Some even claim that it was the traitor who struck down Samiel with a fatal blow from behind.


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