The Ages of Man was first introduced as a concept as the Wheel of Ages in Kindred of the East that described a cyclic view of the history of the World of Darkness. The idea has been loosely adapted by Exalted.

The Ages of Man can be seen as a wheel with twelve segments or a lotus flower with twelve petals, each of which is an era in world history. The First Age of Man was a glorious utopian era, and the Sixth Age of Man will be Hell on Earth. As history progresses, the ages get shorter the closer to the Sixth Age we are, and longer the closer to the First Age. The Ages continue perpetually.

Ages do not change cleanly, although there is usually an event that marks the changing of the ages.

This is one piece among many elements which lead many people to conclude that a connection exists between Exalted and the World of Darkness. It's uncertain if the two settings would then exist in the same turning of the Wheel or separate turns. Though early promotional material did indicate that before the World of Darkness there was the Exalted.

The Ages Edit

One could incorporate the new World of Darkness into this scheme.

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