The Age of Wrath was the thousand-year war between Heaven and the Fallen.

Overview Edit

The Age of Wrath began with the Fall, when angels led by Lucifer decided to reveal themselves to humanity. The punishment for this transgression was a series of curses laid upon each House of the rebel angels, followed by God reaching out to corrupt his own creation. The surviving rebel angels reorganized themselves into five Legions and fought back, attempting to restore the world to perfection and protect those humans who had accepted their gifts.

The Silent War Edit

The early stages of the Age of Wrath were characterized as a "silent war" fought as one-on-one duels between loyalists and rebels. These duels took place on abstract levels of reality and were not fatal or even particularly violent; once it became clear that one angel would inevitably win, both sides would withdraw and acknowledge the victor.

The First Murder Edit

After Caine slew Abel, murder was invented, and the Age of Wrath took a darker turn. The rebel angels were now willing to kill loyalists (both human and angelic) and were galvanized by their new power. Many were also disgusted by Caine's sin, and found they could no longer love humankind as they once had.

At this point, three of the Legions broke faith with Lucifer, each going their separate ways to pursue their own agenda towards Heaven and mankind.

The Time of Atrocities Edit

During this period, the Ebon and Silver Legions perpetrated terrible abuses on the mortals under their protection. Once the Host were pushed back to the fringes of creation, Lucifer brought the rebellious legions back under his control.

The Time of Babel Edit

Lucifer then commissioned ten angels known as the Watchers to tutor humankind not just in the secrets of creation, but also of Heaven, and thus permit them to challenge God in power. This resulted in the Civilization of Ashes, which quickly grew to rival the bastions of the Fallen in power. A few angels, fearful of losing their power over humankind, sabotaged this plan by creating the Nephilim. These half-angelic, half-mortal beings overthrew the Watchers and attempted to rule humankind directly; Lucifer was forced to lead another war to wipe them out.

The Shattering Edit

The Civilization of Ashes crumbled under the burden of knowledge humankind was unprepared to wield. Humankind fractured into multiple tribes with mutually unintelligible languages and abandoned their greatest cities and creations. They also abandoned their faith in the Fallen, who were swiftly conquered by the Hosts and punished for their crimes by being cast into the Abyss.

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