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The Age of Kings was a time when the Lizard Kings, the ancestors of the Mokolé, ruled over the Earth. No Mokolé remembers this time clearly, but all have some glimpses of it through the Dragon's Dream and the use of Mnesis.


In a time before time, dinosaurs walked the Earth in great numbers. The greatest among them were the Lizard Kings, emperors of lands now long forgotten. There were no humans or even mammals. The first great saurian kings were shapeshifters blessed by Gaia, alongside the Rokea, Ananasi, and numerous, now extinct, other Fera.

They did not take human form, for such a thing did not exist in these times. However, they did make tools, and built living civilizations from nothing, far greater than anything humans have tried to build. Through the use of Mnesis, the Dragon Kings had no need for written records or schooling.

The first lizards worshiped Helios and raised mighty buildings in his reverence. In this time, the Drachid form was one terrible to behold, much like the dragons, humans came to fear and revere in their legends. All drachids were unique and today, the diversity of archid forms reflects the Age of Kings.

The End

When the Wyrm engineered the Wonder-Work (i.e. the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period), the Age of Kings ended. The Mokolé remember the following age as the Age of Sleep, where Gaia's favor switched to mammalian shapeshifters and the Mokolé became relics of a forgotten time.