Afifa, also known as the Herald, was a thin-blooded vampire believed to be the "Last Daughter of Eve", according to one of the scenarios of the Gehenna sourcebook.

Overview Edit

Afifa was a young girl of Cairo, who survived the Embrace at the hands of an unknown thin-blood, and became a 15th generation Kindred in the late twentieth century. Being a thin-blood herself, and pregnant, the true mystery is that she is prophesied to be the Last Daughter of Eve, by a society of thin-blood called the Twilight Cult. They say that the Book of Nod describes how the Last Daughter of Eve will come to be recognized by the "Mark of the Moon" upon her, a mark Afifa has indeed developed (in the shape of a crescent moon) after discovering she was pregnant. The mark is visible only after thorough examination.[1]

The ProphecyEdit

When the snows consume the earth and the sun gutters like a candle in the wind then, and only then there will be born a woman the last Daughter of Eve, and in her there will be decided the fate of all.
  —  Excerpt from the Book of Nod

References Edit

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