Adventure! is the first game in the Trinity Universe trilogy. Referred to as both the Adventure! Era and the Inspiration Age, Adventure! is a pulp game set in the early 20th century. The Inspired, the protagonists of the game, are adventurers who emulate heroes from classic pulp stories.

In 2012, Onyx Path Publishing purchased the full rights to the Trinity Universe, and are planning their own new edition, to be titled the Trinity Continuum: Adventure!. As it is no longer a White Wolf product, new releases will not be covered here on the Wiki.

History Edit

In the Adventure! timeline, in 1922 Doctor Sir Calvin Hammersmith demonstrated his new telluric engine. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and it exploded. In the process, it caused people all over the world to become "Inspired" in one of three different ways.

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Unlike many other White Wolf games, Adventure! doesn't exactly have any distinct splats. Instead, it has several loose allegiances to which one can belong.

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