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Adventure! is the first game in the Trinity Universe trilogy. Referred to as both the Adventure! Era and the Inspiration Age, Adventure! is a pulp game set in the early 20th century. The Inspired, the protagonists of the game, are adventurers who emulate heroes from classic pulp stories.

In 2012, Onyx Path Publishing purchased the full rights to the Trinity Universe, and are planning their own new edition, to be titled Trinity Continuum: Adventure!.

As it is no longer a White Wolf product, new releases post-2012 will be covered on
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In the Adventure! timeline, in 1922 Doctor Sir Calvin Hammersmith demonstrated his new telluric engine. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and it exploded. In the process, it caused people all over the world to become "Inspired" in one of three different ways.



Unlike many other White Wolf games, Adventure! doesn't exactly have any distinct splats. Instead, it has several loose allegiances to which one can belong.

  • The Æon Society for Gentlemen, an organization founded by Maxwell Anderson Mercer whose goal is to explore the world for anything that can advance humanity, and to put a stop to anything that could interfere with humanity's evolution.
  • The Air Circus, a loose brotherhood of barnstormers and skilled-but-reckless pilots.
  • Branch 9, a covert, independent, international spy network.
  • The International Detective Agency, an international criminal investigation group and society of crime-busters. Some suspect it's connected to the Great Detective himself.
  • The Ponatowski Foundation, a philanthropic organization charged with funding explorations to the four corners of the Earth. Secretly manipulated by individuals like the Czar, Uriah Stafford, the King of the World, and more.

Although not player-focused, there are several other organizations which come into play during this era, primarily as antagonists:

  • The Contedorri, a "fixer" organization that matches up the perfect criminals with the perfect crimes.
  • The Cult of the Sun-Disk, a fanatical group of Aton-worshippers, who want to bring about the reincarnation of Akhenaton and Nefertiti.
  • The Inquiry, a group bent on ending war and punishing those who profit from it.
  • The Order of Murder, a secret society that fakes the deaths of those with the means to afford it, setting them up with new lives.
  • The Rational Experimentation Group. A group which engages in bizarre experiments and crimes relating to medical research. A front for the Machinatrix, the Ubiquitous Dragon, and Mister Saturday.
  • Le Salon des Femmes Nouveaux, dedicated to liberating women from male oppression by any means necessary.

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