The Adroanzi are a bloodline of the Nosferatu Clan. Originating in the Lugbara culture of Central Africa, the Adroanzi were protectors of the local tribes in exchange for blood.


The Adroanzi see themselves as the descendants of the split god Adroa, who had a light and a dark side. They cared for their human subjects, controlling their tribes through manipulating the wilderness to their benefit, forcing migrations and pitting humans against each other. The Adroanzi also became experts in the cultivation of mandragorae, ghouled plants that produce vitae-like lacrima, a delicacy among Kindred circles.

Contact with the Western World and Christianity broke the hold of the Adroanzi over their tribes. A significant number of them perished in battles against the outsiders and a sizeable portion fell into torpor, hoping to be swept up to the heavens with the rest of the gods once revered by the people of Africa. Only a minuscule minority of these vampires made any serious attempt to integrate themselves with the Europeans or Asians, and with the world around them in general.

Modern Adroanzi differ very little from the members of the bloodline who existed centuries ago. They are consistently reminded of their divine origins and take great pride in the fact that they still possess their mastery over nature and the flora around them. Between the uneasiness they cause in social situations and their utter contempt for humanity's decision to abandon them for Christianity, the Gardeners tend to isolate themselves with personal pursuits. These activities commonly involve the exploration of various types of mandragora and the varieties of lacrima they can produce, but they can also bury themselves in the past. Feeling such a connection to the divine spurs a number of these vampires to delve into their own history, searching for how and why they fell from the grace of the other gods.


In addition to the standard weakness of the Nosferatu, the Adroanzi feel the compulsion to make humanity suffer for abandoning them. Any time an Adroanzi feeds, he lashes out and abuses his prey. Whether he gnaws and chews while he drinks, pummels over and over again, or physically disfigures the victim, the end result is the same.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Nosferatu clan

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