Sir Adrian is a Seelie Sidhe Wilder of House Gwydion in the Kingdom of Pacifica.

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Sir Adrian swore fealty to the Duchess Aoibhell when the duchess was much younger and much more in tune with her surroundings. Now, Adrian feels that his liege is abandoning many values for her debaucheries. He is still honor-bound to serve her, though, as he swore an oath to her. He does not have to approve of her behavior, however.

It might be said that among the Seelie, Sir Adrian is a bit stiff-necked. However, he is the holder of the Crystal Grove, a favored discreet meeting place for nobles and their servants to deal with the commoners. Sir Adrian permits this, for it is convenient for learning which way the wind blows. He takes the rights and responsibilities of the nobility very seriously. This naturally includes the customs of hospitality. If any use force or otherwise abuse his hospitality in the Grove, he will use force to expel them.

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In mortal seeming, Adrian is a tall, handsome, tanned man. His blond hair falls just past shoulder length, and his piercing blue eyes tend to lock someone in place with a glance. In fae mien, he always wears his house's insignia. He has pointed ears and slightly slanted eyes. His hair has more of a silvery cast.

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Adrian follows the rules of nobility strictly. He believes that he should set an example for nobles and commoners alike, with no exceptions. Truthfully, he believes all nobility should do such, but most do not live up to his exacting standards. In Kithain society, he is quite the Traditionalist. He is rather old for a wilder and fears the imminent descent into grumphood. He does whatever he can to stave this off, but nothing seems to help.

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While in his glen, he carries a real broadsword. Outside, he prefers to restrict himself to firearms. His sidearm tends to vary from time to time, as he possesses a large collection.

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