Adonai is a Salubri Warrior of the 7th generation and founder of the Salubri antitribu bloodline.


We are Uncursed by Caine, the only ones worthy to wield his Sword.
  —  Adonai

The name of a Salubri called Adonai appears as far back as the Dark Ages, where a young Warrior Salubri gathered those that demanded retribution for Saulot's diablerie around him and led them against the Tremere and any Cainite that sheltered them. According to rumor, he had several fragments of the Code of Samiel in his possession. It is unknown if the Adonai that arose during the Final Nights is the same individual (possibly after an extended period of torpor) or has merely assumed the name in remembrance of him.

Originally a 9th generation vampire, Adonai has diablerized his sire, making him at least 8th generation by the time he became the first Salubri to join the Sabbat. He allegedly woke from torpor within a mine near Prague and was discovered by a Sabbat pack that told him of the fate of his Clan. At first, Adonai kept his numbers small, until the Tremere antitribu were hit by disaster.

He has organized his brethren, the Salubri antitribu, into a loose military hierarchy where status is earned strictly through battles won and foes slain in the war against the Camarilla. He awards titles and honors to accomplished Furies in an annual ceremony during the Palla Grande. Since joining the Sabbat, he has lowered his generation to 7th.



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