Adhene, often also called Denizens or Dark-Kin, are specific groups of fae who have opposed the Tuatha De Dannan and their progeny, the Kithain.



During the War of Trees (also known as the Tesserakonta), the Adhene were mostly allied with the Fomorians. When their masters were imprisoned, they were banished within the Dreaming between the Silver Paths, unable to reach the Autumn World except some who didn't participate in the conflict.

During the Week of Nightmares, the spirit nukes of the Technocracy blasted the Nightmare trods into being, which were used by the Adhene in order to escape their imprisonment.

The Denizens are not Changelings. When they come to the Autumn World they have no physical body and no Banality. They are able to possess human bodies through a variety of means, or go without a physical form, which accrues Banality faster but has its own advantages. Some Denizens employ an Art called the Autumn Way to better deal with the world of humanity.


Each Denizen has three "Aria", which determine which Legacy is dominant, what their current Tempers (Glamour and Willpower) are, shape much of their current personality and even alter their fae mien to some extent. These three Aria can change at any time, and the Denizen's attitudes and demeanor along with them.



The known types of adhene include:

  • Acheri - Spreaders of disease and corruption.
  • Aonides - The muses, promoters of artistic inspiration.
  • Fir-bholg - Primal wilderness spirits and bringers of chaos.
  • Fuath - Wild spirits representing the fusion of animal and man.
  • Keremet - Spirits of the dead brought into the Dreaming.
  • Moirae - Triune-aspected agents of fate.
  • Naraka - Amnesiac embodiments of destruction.


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