Addemar the Hermit, was a methuselah of the Malkavian clan who participated in the Great Prank, so that his clan could join the Camarilla.


Addemar's mortal life is unknown, though he was old man when Lamdiel gifted him with the Embrace. He was already mad at that point, with a gift for teaching through experiential learning. It was this coupling that brought him to Lamdiel's attention. After the ritual, he traveled across the world, overseeing the Malkavians that have accepted his part in the reputed Great Prank.

Addemar is said to have taken a cannonball to the chest without harm, but when he committed suicide by greeting the sun in 1887, he caught fire in 34 seconds and burned to ash 12 seconds thereafter (as recorded by Dr. Douglas Netchurch).

Genealogy Edit

2nd Gen. 


Enoch "The Wise" 
3rd Gen. 


Malkav, "The Moon" 
4th Gen. 


5th Gen. 


6th Gen. 


7th Gen. 


Dr. Douglas Netchurch 
8th Gen. 


Dr. Nancy Reage;



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