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Adam was the first mortal created by God, similar to his role in biblical tradition. With Eve, he is the ancestor of all humans.


In the Classic World of Darkness, Adam was created alongside Lilith, the first woman, in the Garden of Eden. According to the traditions of Lilith's worshippers, Adam attempted to rape Lilith — or he may have actually done so — which prompted Lilith to flee from Eden (some accounts claim that the child of this rape was Ennoia, the Antediluvian progenitor of the Gangrel, or even the first of the Lamia). God then created Eve as a new wife for Adam, and after the Fall the pair would have two sons: Cain and Abel.

The serpent that tempted Eve (and, by association, Adam) with the forbidden fruit that caused the Fall was actually Lilith according to Lilin tradition, but according to the Fallen, the temptation was actually made by Lucifer himself, and was made not only to Adam and Eve but also Cain and Abel; of the four, only Abel rejected Lucifer.

When Caine murdered Abel, either Adam or God banished him to the lands east of Nod; different versions of the Book of Nod offer different perspectives on this point. Regardless, Caine was soon cursed by God to become the first vampire. At some point after Abel's death, Adam and Eve had another son, Seth, who in turn became the ancestor of all humanity. Adam's ultimate fate is unknown; unlike Eve and Abel, he is not known to have become a wraith, and unlike Caine, he is not known to have become a vampire. He may have simply Transcended upon his death.


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