Acolytes, also known as Fledglings, are vampires that are part of the Tremere pyramid, but not formally a part of the clan.


A just-embraced Tremere finds herself in a tenuous position. Not only must she balance the demands of the Beast and the sudden transformation from human to monster, but she’s inundated with her sire or regent’s admonitions. Like other kindred, she must learn the Traditions (particularly the Masquerade), discover means to feed, hone her new Disciplines and grapple with the morality of her new existence.

Thus, clan Tremere has one of the highest failure rates of all the kindred families — coming to grips with their hellish new existence proves too much for most new embraces, and they either go mad or end their unlives by greeting the next sunset.

Acolytes are Tremere fledglings that have yet to be accepted as apprentices by accepting the Code of Tremere. Others considered as such include the Trimira, groups of kindred from different clans that have taken the Cup and bound themselves to the clan, but do not share their blood. It also includes Caitiff and other free agents that are aligned with the clan and often work as deep cover agents. Ghouls and Gargoyles, however, are not regarded as Acolytes. Since being an Acolyte is being apart from the Pyramid to a certain degree, the rank has next to no internal Circles of Mistery.