Achmet was a Salubri seer who had spent his unlife searching for Golconda until he was destroyed in 1198 CE.


Achmet believed that dreams, especially the visions one received in torpor, could lend a Cainite a semblance of vitality and, eventually, lead them to a higher state. He dreamed that he and one of his disciples would eventually repeat the diablerie of Saulot perpetrated by the magus Tremere. He also dreamed that from his Final Death would come the seeds of rebellion and rebirth.

The dreaming prophet hid himself from the Tremere within Constantinople, founding a group called the Dream Circle, to guide others who wanted to find higher truths. He spent most of his time in the fasting cages of the Tzimisce, until he was diablerized by his disciple Theresa Kymena.

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