Achen is a Legendary Treasure of House Dougal.

Overview Edit


Achen is Dougal's double-headed hammer, whose shape graces the device of House Dougal. No one knows if it is in Arcadia or lost here on Earth. Achen can only be wielded by a Master of House Dougal (who gains 3 automatic successes). Also, Achen is picky about the tasks it performs. It can only be used to make treasures of the highest quality (level 4+ treasures). Any lesser item struck by Achen will be pounded into dust.

In combat, Achen enchants automatically any weapon or armor it strikes so that it cannot be used against a member of House Dougal. Tales are told of whole armies stopped by the hammer's power; suits of mail and swords frozen in place. Their owners and wearers had to leave them on the battlefield and retreat naked by the power of Achen.

References Edit

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