Ace is a term used by the Assamites to describe a highly experienced member of the Warrior caste of their clan.


This westernized term has gained more acceptance than the caste's elders would like in the past half-century. When used to refer to a rafiq, an ace is a warrior who has killed five or more non-Assamite vampires of equal or greater strength. The term is largely used by European and North-American rafiq and by those who wish to emulate them, though it is also common among the Assamite antitribu.

For formal occasions, some aces commission tattoos to present their kill records (though the effort involved in creating tattoos that will only fade by the next morning prohibits the use of these markings in nightly unlife). The current fashion tends toward rows of clan sigils corresponding to the heritage of each victim, with black circles denoting fallen foes whose lineage was unknown. More casual aces remain content with a clothing, jewelry, or armament that bears their body counts, such as a leather jacket with a series of stenciled "kill flags" or a ceremonial scimitar with the names of foes etched into the flat of the blade. At the other extreme, some truly intense individuals use a scalpel and Baal's Caress to produce ritual scarification in lieu of tattoos.

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