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Absimiliard is the name given to the founder of the Nosferatu clan. One of the more uncompromisingly evil Antediluvians, Absimiliard still seeks to exterminate his descendants in the Modern Nights.


You are the children of Shadow
You are the sons and daughters of Darkness
Seek the darkest place
Make it your own
Feed on the wicked, feed on the sinful.
Feed on the ugly souls
For such is our diet, such is our
Father`s wish, our pre-ordained meal.

My childer, look not at your visage to curse me, for I know the beauty that lies within, and no greater beauty will there ever be.

  — Nosferatu's Words from The Book of Nod

As with all Antediluvians, any stories of Absimiliard's early life (and unlife) are apocryphal at best. In the Bible, Absimiliard is the wicked son of King David. Tradition holds that he was an expert and stealthy hunter whose skill at predation inflamed the dead heart of his female sire (presumably Zillah). She chased and Embraced him, although in the ensuing struggle she also scarred him lightly. A creature of prodigious vanity, this trivial marring of his otherwise perfect looks drove him to obsession, and Absimiliard conceived to murder his sire.

Absimiliard is held to be one of the leading figures in the slaughter of the Second Generation, with his vendetta against his sire being the cause of the ensuing violence. As a result, he was harshly punished by Caine, twisted into a hideous mockery of a human being. The curse reverberated through his childer, affecting every one of his descendants. It is also mentioned in Book of Nod that his curse of hideous appearance is given to him by Caine, as a fitting punishment for killing the beautiful Zillah.

Since that time, Absimiliard has hunted his descendants, using blood bound agents, the Nictuku to hunt down the rest of the line. He plans to present their deaths as a sacrifice to Caine and beg forgiveness.

Just before falling into torpor, Absimiliard was fighting Baba Yaga in Russia millennia ago. He had spent a long time in torpor at Enoch. After torpor, the Toreador say that he and Arikel met in 2nd century Rome. There is also a rumor that he recently awoke in the Eastern European mountains and has planned a nuclear attack in 2000.


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 Zillah "The Beautiful" 
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Absimiliard (Nosferatu) 
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Character Sheet

This are partial stats of Absimiliard which he used inside "Beast from the Sea" in the Gehenna "Crucible of God" scenario.


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