Abiele Dumont was an Ananasi. She invented a fylfot (that is, an Ananasi fetish) called the Armoire of Abiele[1] in the 1800s.


  1. The Armoire of Abiele
    Level 1, Gnosis 5
    Never go out under- or overdressed. That was the basic motto of Abiele Dumont, a fashion designer from the 19th century, who took the message very literally. She created a classic French armoire that contained everything that she would ever need to wear, literally. By whispering a simple request into the armoire’s keyhole (thus activating the Fylfot) and then opening the doors, the owner can find the perfect clothes for whatever the situation the owner was seeking. The clothing from the armoire is always crafted of silk (lending credence to the theory that the armoire is filled with Spider-spirits that weave each outfit). It always fits perfectly, and is typically appropriate for either male or female attire. The armoire itself is four feet wide, two and half feet deep, and almost seven feet tall. It appears to be crafted from mahogany, and is accordingly quite heavy.
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