Abetorius is the member of the Tremere Inner Council of Seven who presides over the clan's interests in the Middle East.


He was Embraced by Meerlinda, a founding member of the Council of Seven, in 1103 CE.

Abetorius was first sent to the region in the 12th century by none other than Tremere himself. Upon arriving in the region, he was initially based in Constantinople under the tentative patronage of the Michaelite Toreador. Michael's childe Pakourianis the Dove was fascinated by Abetorius' Gargoyle slaves. Abetorius expanded the clan's interests beyond the Byzantine Empire into Asia over the following several centuries, and was elevated to the Council of Seven.

Abetorius and his followers were forced to fall back to Constantinople during the Anarch Revolt, when Assamite Anarchs destroyed several chantries and slew their occupants. Despite having essentially failed in his mission, he remained on the Council of Seven. He later participated in the Tremere ritual that laid the blood curse on the Assamites following the Treaty of Tyre.

V5 TimelineEdit

In 2008, the Second Inquisition began when a united USSOCOM and Vatican ESOG force, augmented with experienced Brazilian hunter-killer teams, stormed the Vienna Chantry and destroyed it. Abetorius was among those that met Final Death.[citation needed]

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