The Aberrant Storytellers Screen is a four-panel cardstock Storyteller's screen, and was the first supplement for Aberrant. The Aberrant Storytellers Companion is included with the screen.


From the White Wolf catalog:

World of Dream...
Eerily like our own world, the Aberrant universe of 2008 has been irrevocably changed by the presence of the godlike novas. All aspects of human society have felt — or suffered — the presence of these capricious, quantum-powered deities.
...Nightmare Future!
The Aberrant Storytellers Screen features additional setting information, including the effects of novas on existing corporations, religions and cults. Additionally, a complete story, "Permanent Vacation," enables players to jump into the action as Aberrants, Utopians or agents of the sinister Project Proteus.


  • Viasoft
  • Utopia Affiliate: Novation Enterprises
  • N!
  • Novelty Consulting


  • Catholics
  • Baptists
  • Unitarian Universalist Association
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • Paganism
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Hindusm
  • Nova Cults

Permenenent VacationEdit

  • Ibiza: Day 1
  • Ibiza: Day 2
  • Ibiza: Day 3

Quantum CommunionEdit

  • Marrakesh: Day 1
  • Marrakesh: Day 2
  • Marrakesh: Day 3

La Grand VieEdit

  • Monte Carlo: Day 1
  • Monte Carlo: Day 2
  • Aftermath

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Character SheetsEdit

Charlotte Holden
Thrillseeking friend of Jennifer "Slider" Landers
Project Proteus Operative
"Iron Skin" Andy Vance
Amp Room's "Face Man"
Count Raoul Cristóbal Orzaiz
Teragen public relations aristocrat
Jake "Dragon" Korelli
Amp Room Bouncer
Zaid Alwan
The musclebound Baraka cult leader
Khytam Manat al-Uzza al-Lat
The "nurse assistant" who only shows you her eyes
Benoit "Zip" Goubeaux
The Tragic Elite
The DeVries Agency Poster Girl
Raphael Orzaiz
Count Raoul Orzaiz's Father

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