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Aberrant: Year One is the Aberrant setting sourcebook for the year 2008.


From the White Wolf catalog:

To Bask in the Light...
The Aberrant world is a vast and often terrifying place. Who knows what secrets lurk in the Nova Age of 2008? From the maze-like alleys of Hong Kong to the eerily sterile paradise of Addis Ababa, this sourcebook provides all manner of exotic locales for the characters to control...or destroy.
...Or Lurk in the Shadows
This sourcebook details the Aberrant world as it stands in the year 2008. A host of cities from around the globe, as well as various dangerous technological items, give Aberrant characters all the hotspots and heat they can handle.
* Details new technology of the Aberrant world
* Fourteen story locations for players and Storytellers
* Storyteller characters for players to interact with — peaceful or otherwise
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