Authors: Carl Bowen, Richard Dakan, Kyle Olson
Additional Material by: John Chambers
Developer: Kraig Blackwelder
Editor: John Chambers
Art Director: Rich Thomas
Artists: Mike Danze, Talon Dunning, Steve Ellis, Langdon Foss
Cover Artist: Michael Gaydos
Cover Design: Brian Glass
Layout, Typesetting and Design: Brian Glass
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: June 12, 2000
Pages: 96
Year: 2010
Publication #: WW 08521
Reference #: 1-56504-685-4
Price: $14.95


From the White Wolf catalog:

Ever get the feeling that you're being watched?
Nothing is quite what it seems, and even seeming "good guys" can have ulterior motives. When all is said and done, who really watches over things? The Directive does. The Directive is an intelligence organization unlike any seen before. Its agents see things, they hear things and they know things that they shouldn't. There is nothing more dangerous.
Maybe you should.
This book includes everything you wanted to know about the Directive. Where it came from, the tools and techniques it uses to gather intelligence on suspicious novas, what it does and who gets invited to work for it. Are you subtle enough to work for the Directive?

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